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Lot Decorations - Car Flags >
Sturdy 20 tall white plastic staff with wide
molded clip. Bright vibrant colors and advertised as the heaviest one-sided car flags in the industry. These flags are inteded to be used
for stationary use.
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Lot Decoration >
Spring is finally here and we offer a wide variety
of parking lot decorations, such as, USA flags, balloons, pole banners, string fringe pennants
and custom signs to promote
your automobile inventory.
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Car Promotions - Interstate Sign Decals >
Highway Signs are a great way to advertise a year model. Red, White and Blue adhesive windshield signs are cut in the shape of a highway sign. 8 1/2" wide x 8 1/2" tall, shrink wrapped and sold by the dozen.
Interstate Shield Decals image

JH Corporation offers Auto Dealer Supplies
and Promotional Products at affordable
prices to help dealerships promote
and sell cars and trucks.

Our secure online store offers a large selection of dealer supply products, such as:
• Pole Banners
• Hitch Covers
• Swooper Flags
• Showroom Tire Pads
• Inventory Cards
• Tall Flags

And many other items that will help you generate sales at your car dealerships. You may also call a customer service representative during our
business hours.

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